Slow it down, what are the benefits of slow cooking?

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Slow it down, what are the benefits of slow cooking?

Slow cookers are becoming more and more popular these days. Amid the stresses of day-to-day life, more and more people are realising the benefits of this type of cooking. These benefits come under three main areas: saving time, money and eating healthier. Do you want to know more about slow cooking? Schwartz can tell you how.

Saving time

Don’t get confused by its name, far from being ‘slow’, this type of cooking does actually save much time on cooking. How? They key when using slow cookers is to be organised and plan your meals in advance.

Once you know what you are going to cook, you just need to place all the ingredients inside the cooker and just continue with your busy daily life.

This is how slow cooking saves you a great amount of time in the kitchen, it doesn’t requires you to be there as it is completely hands free. How many times have you burnt your food by being busy doing other tasks? This is precisely why busy people love slow cooker recipes, they just need to spend a couple of minutes setting it up, and forget about it.

Saving money

Another key advantage of slow cooking is that is helps you save money - which is something important to keep in mind in the current economic crisis.

Slow cookers help you spend less mainly because they use less energy than other types of cooking. Although it takes longer to get your meal ready, the overall energy usage will be much reduced if compared to oven or gas cooking. In addition, most of slow cooker recipes allow cooks to turn their fridge left-overs into yummy dishes, which will help you to use everything and to avoid losing money by throwing food away.

Eating healthy

This is probably the best benefit of slow cookers: they produce healthier food due to the way it is cooked. By heating the food through long application of slow, moist heat, slow cookers allow the food’s own oil, fat and salt to mix and give natural flavours without the need for seasoning it. Slow cooking also allows the food to maintain the original food nutrients for longer, which will have great nutritional benefits.

Also, slow cooker meals are based on raw food rather than processed ingredients. Some of the most popular dishes are prepared with vegetables, which is why lots of vegetarians love it. Finally, don’t think that this type of cooking is only suitable for savoury meals; there are hundreds of dessert recipes based on slow cooking too.



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