Should Falmouth’s main shopping area be pedestrianised?

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By irgmcdonald | Sunday, December 12, 2010, 22:10

Anyone who has ever driven through Falmouth will know that it can be quite frustrating. Shoppers walking in the road and delivery vans parked make the short stretch of road through the main shopping area quite dangerous. The problem is, one of the town’s main car parks in located half way down the road. 

One of Falmouth’s town councillors has conducted a survey of businesses and residents to gather their views on the issue. Of the 141 people questioned, 57 people wanted no change, 47 people wanted the car park closed once a suitable alternative had been found and the remainder wanted it shut immediately. 

Councillor Oliver Cramp told the West Briton: “I feel I was elected to represent what people want.

“I hope to come up with a final conclusion soon and then we can hopefully take it forward along the lines of what the majority want.”

The question is, where should the new car park be? The reason why so many people use the Church Street car park is connivance. It’s right in the centre of town and close to all the shops. If a parking area so central is removed, that will place a huge demand on the other central car parks in town. 

What do you think? Should the town centre be pedestrianised? Where would a good site be for a new car park? If it does move, what would you like to see on the site? Let us know in the comment.



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    Falmouth Dangerous Place To Shop: Of course the area should be pedestrianised it is the main reason that I am reluctant to shop in Falmouth especially with children as it is very easy for them to be wandering into the middle of the road unless you leash them to your ahnds, its one thing to have an 'eye' on your kids, but to constantly watching out for traffic is another thing.

    By Sealubber at 10:24 on 12/05/11

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    I think a pedestrianised street is alwasy lovely but is there that much of a problem in Falmouth. Yes people walk in the road sometimes but they get out of the way eventually, it's not like cars can go hurtling down there at speed anyway (at least they shouldn't). I'm undecided on this one.

    By lulu289 at 15:43 on 09/05/11

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    We are all pedestrians and there are plenty of ways to get into Falmouth other than driving directly into the centre of town. There is no sensible reason why the majority of people should suffer because a few people are too lazy to walk an extra 350 yards to the next nearest car park. A pedestrianised street would make Falmouth a much more pleasant place to be for locals and visitors alike, it isn't going to deter anyone from going to the shops and the car park happens to be in a very beautiful part of town which could be put to much better use for the benefit of all. Numerous studies have highlighted the economic benefits of pedestrianisation schemes and any comments to the contrary tend to come from baseless assumption or personal agenda. Closing the car park would benefit Falmouth, benefit the environment and benefit everyone who visits the town centre.

    By Falmouthian at 01:40 on 08/05/11

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    Trade to Watermans would take a hit. After all that re-tarmaccing a couple of years ago, I they may as well keep it for cars. It looked way better before they did it!

    By chris_wasey at 21:47 on 05/01/11

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    Closing the car park would be a ridiculous idea. There isn't any available land close to the shops and it would cost a lot of money that the town and county can't afford. The road isn't that dangerous and it's really convenient for people coming in from out of town. I may sound like and old curmudgeon but it don't care-- keep things as they are!

    By julianbayliss at 22:17 on 12/12/10

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