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    204 members

    Get the latest news, community information and general goings on in Saltash

    Created by Falmouth People at 10:22 on 16/06/09

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    Business & Tourism

    94 members

    For anyone involved with or interested in tourism and/or business in the area.

    Created by Gem_Witchalls at 23:11 on 24/06/09

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    91 members

    Get all of the latest Falmouth Events news and join the discussion on the Falmouth

    Created by Falmouth People at 00:21 on 17/05/11

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    Food and Drink

    59 members

    Events, restaurants and brewery news.

    Created by Gem_Witchalls at 18:15 on 12/10/09

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    37 members

    Any charity news, events or discussion.

    Created by Gem_Witchalls at 21:09 on 07/11/09

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    Literature, Arts & Culture

    61 members

    Discussion group for arts, culture, literature etc and related events.

    Created by Gem_Witchalls at 16:30 on 28/06/09

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    Music - Dance & Electronica

    20 members

    A group for lovers of Dance & Electronica music (all genres). News, live appearances, events and more.

    Created by aardvark01 at 10:29 on 30/06/09


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