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    Adviser warns endowment backed mortgage...

    A Cornwall-based mortgage adviser is warning people who still have endowment backed mortgages to have them reviewed as soon as possible.


    By NigelB at 11:26 on 08/02/13, 0 comments

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    Final call for 'Team Kili'

    If you are looking for the adventure of a lifetime in 2013 there is still time to get involved in the 

    By NigelB at 10:25 on 08/02/13, 0 comments

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    "I have never been so happy to see the...

    A Wadebridge man, airlifted by the Cornwall Air Ambulance, would like to thank the crew and everyone who helped to save his life.

    By NigelB at 16:29 on 07/02/13, 0 comments

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    Swan stops ferry

    Transport users have become accustomed to unusual excuses for delayed services.

    'Leaves on the line' and 'the wrong kind of snow' have been...

    By NigelB at 17:06 on 25/01/13, 0 comments

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    Snow Joke

    With snow affecting parts of the region employers are counting the costs with many employees unable or in some cases unwilling to make it...

    By NigelB at 13:37 on 22/01/13, 0 comments

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    Further success for IFAs

    Two Cornwall-based independent financial advisers (IFAs) are celebrating the New Year...

    By NigelB at 12:02 on 15/01/13, 0 comments

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    £200,000 gymnastic academy opens in...

    By NigelB at 16:34 on 14/01/13, 0 comments

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    £200,000 gymnastic academy opens to...

    A new generation of gymnasts inspired by Britain's Olympic medal heroes will now have the chance to improve their skills following the opening of...

    By NigelB at 16:25 on 14/01/13, 0 comments

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    Coodes' reputation appeals to 'exceptional...

    An award-winning South West law firm has added to its personal law team with the appointment of an 'exceptional talent'.

    Nick Latimir...

    By NigelB at 14:20 on 14/01/13, 0 comments

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    "Air ambulance saved five hour old son's...

    The birth of a child is the most memorable experience for any parent, but for Jago Silver and his wife Alex, that beautiful moment soon turned to...

    By NigelB at 15:09 on 20/12/12, 0 comments

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