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    Get the latest news, community information and general goings on in Saltash

    Created by Falmouth People at 10:22 on 16/06/09

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    Cornish Pasties throughout the world

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    Advancing the cause of the GENUINE Cornish Pasty, now protected by PGI (Protected Geographical Indication Status)

    Created by Philp's Bakery at 13:15 on 14/03/11

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    Food and Drink

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    Events, restaurants and brewery news.

    Created by Gem_Witchalls at 18:15 on 12/10/09

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    For anyone involved with or interested in the education sector or education in general!

    Created by Gem_Witchalls at 13:23 on 27/06/09

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    Literature, Arts & Culture

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    Discussion group for arts, culture, literature etc and related events.

    Created by Gem_Witchalls at 16:30 on 28/06/09


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Why I like Falmouth

When the sun is out there is no better place to be in cornwall, with plenty of things to do from art galleries to an Irish pub.

Why I don't like Falmouth

When the rain pours I am reminded of visits to the King harry ferry as my parents struggled to entertain my brother and I...


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